Saturday, March 21, 2009

"The only safe vaccine is one that is never used." Dr. James R. Shannon, former director of the National Institute of Health

What does Dr. Shannon know about vaccines that has convinced him they're unsafe? Plenty! But wait a minute, you say, why would the government require schoolchildren to be vaccinated if it isn't safe? Why would respected researchers and physicians, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, for crying out loud, be pushing vaccinations on our kids if they aren't safe?

To understand the complexity of this issue, the first thing to do is open your mind. Throw away your preconceived notions and move that mental roadblock out of your path. Consider the unthinkable, just for a moment, that not everyone has your kid's best interests at heart.

Has that sunk in yet? If not, stop reading and think about that some more. What if...just what if the government, the schools, the pediatricians, and the drug companies have some other motivation for wanting your child to be vaccinated, other than because they want your kid to live a long and healthy life? What sorts of reasons could they have for wanting our nation's youngsters to get their shots?

Let's fill in the blanks. Big Pharma wants big profits, and vaccinations are profitable, particularly when they're government mandated. Our children are nothing more than faceless beings swimming in a sea of dollar signs to the drug companies who manufacture vaccines. So it's good business for them to conspire with the medical establishment to keep folks coming back for more and, oh yes, paying to be injected with this stuff!

To say this is a highly charged issue would be an understatement, so perhaps if you're new to this debate it would help for you to reserve judgement until after you've done some reading on your own.

Do away with that collective belief in our value system that people in authority (take doctors, for example, or the government) are unbiased and altruistic toward the rest of us. Entertain the possibility that people and institutions could be wrong.

Here are two excellent articles to read, but please let this be just a start.
James Howenstein, MD.
Russell L. Blaylock. MD.

As a mother who used to vaccinate her kids and STOPPED a few years ago, all I can say is that "I was blind, but now I see!" The information is all out there for the taking. Get started!


  1. As a mom who has chosen not to vaccinate her children, I have occasionally second-guessed myself. We have had doctors refuse to see us because of this decision. There is too much big business in the industry to trust what they say. Too many vaccines have been proven to be unsafe! Now some states are mandating vaccines for young girls. This vaccine has shown many adverse effects.
    I am enjoying your posts.

    1. wtf are you talking about? Which vaccines have been "proven" to be unsafe? Unsafe compared to what? Getting the infection that the vaccine will prevent?

  2. Former vaccinator here too! I recently gave in on the new meningitis vaccine, simply because there was a serious outbreak in our city, but otherwise we "just say no." The blog is really looking great. My only suggestion is that you might want to move your subscription widget to the very top of your tends to get better results there. Great job!!

  3. Former vaccinator here, too too! It never felt right in my spirit. Then, I read about it and knew why it didn't feel right!

  4. I hope you realize that you are using a quote from former NIH director from the 1950s as your platform for anti-vaccination. Do you not think that our understanding of immunology and epidemiology has changed significantly since then?

  5. There has never been a Dr. James R. Shannon that was director of NIH. There was a Dr. James A. Shannon, who was in office in the 50's (before vaccines were widely used).

    Since James A. Shannon was in office, there have been thousands of studies on vaccines that prove their safety.

    Y'all need to get your facts together.